Ballam Studio

New year, new classes, renovated energy and love for dance at Ballam Studio!

What a year 2020 has been right? How many of you miss dancing with others and feeling the community in person? If you miss it half as much as I do, that is a lot!

Well, I’m happy to announce that Ballam Studio adapted quite well to have classes with safety and social distancing and continue to provide the classes online. The studio is now operating as a hybrid where you can choose to be here with a few of us, or stay at home and still move with us where we connect remotely! New student? Come to discover what bellydance can offer to you, in a loving, supportive environment, with a teacher that has been blessed to travel around the globe to spread this art form, and continues to be passionate about her Houston students!

Increased self-esteem, health and empowerment. Come experience the feminity, the sensuality, the positive and supportive environment, while you learn to move beautifully and discover yourself at a new level!

Then you already now how much I love every single one of my students, and I promise you plenty of new moves to keep you growing in this art form! Choose whichever class fits best your schedule and join us in the new year!

Drum roll… here we go!

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Rent the studio

Ballam studio does rent by the hour their space (at just 10$ the hour) for troupe practices, rehearsals or private classes.

Please email at to book!

The studio is located inside the gymnasium building that belongs to Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church, which is located in the heights area, corner of 11th street and TC Jester Blvd. Park in he big parking lot of the Church and come inside the gymnasium, we are on the first floor.

Follow the music and the good energy and you will find the class!

Location: 2025 West 11th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

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